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"In The Russian East" becomes a book thanks to Spaziergang

Spaziergang published a 32 pages booklet of “ In The Russian East”. The book is available from June 11th at

Spaziergang #201904
31 b/w photos by Davide Monteleone
32 pages
digital print
paper matte 160 gr
hand bounded with two metal stapels
edition of 200
ISBN 9788872260777

For this project Davide Monteleone was inspired by the work of Richard Avedon "In the American West" a masterpiece of the history of photography. Monteleone wanted to emulate the great American photographer by returning, with a similar photographic language, a choral portrait of the Russian social fabric. Going towards the remote eastern borders of the nation, where nationalist echoes resonate weakly, showing us the human face of a multi-faceted and unstructured Russia, with its geography too extended, its multitude of cultures, its complex social dynamics and its incessant changes.