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Master Spazio Labo' - Bologna

The International Master in Documentary Photography with Davide Monteleone is addressed to all those who have a photo project or a defined idea to develop and it aims at helping the students in facing documentary photography practice through its professional, technical, creative, theoric and ethical aspects. During the Master the students will learn how to develop a professional photo project by learning a solid, consistent and responsible working method. The class will explore technical and creative issues, together with a strong focus on ethics and individual responsibility. The Master will also be the occasion to analyze – starting from a sociocultural point of view – the most recent trends of contemporary documentary photography. Great attention will be directed to the understanding and differentiation of the various narrative forms adopted by documentary photography and how these forms perform in the market. The utmost goal of the Master is to give the students a professional training, a mind-set that will enable them to work with a personal narrative vision and a strong sense of awareness.

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